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May 2019

My Favorite Three Decoys..


The favorite three speaker for May was Joe Daly. The first decoy that Joe shared with us was a goldeneye made of white cedar from Delaware carver Ned Mayne. Joe said he got it at an auction in 1990 and he really likes it because it’s a beautifully painted gunning decoy.

            Joe showed a pair of a pair of white cedar decoys, a broadbill and a hen carved by Michigan decoy carver Frank “Doc” Baumgartner.  Joe got them at the 2015 Lidca show. He likes these birds because they have a simple and effective design. Joe added that Baumgartner owned a gunning shack in the 1940s. 

            The third decoy Joe showed was a cedar plover carved by Charles Bunn of South Hampton. Joe got this decoy from eBay in August 2018 but added that it was originally from an Eldred’s auction. Joe likes it because it has nice form and because it is a Long Island decoy.

            The fourth and final decoy Joe showed was a yellowlegs by New Jersey bayman/market gunner and carver John McAnney. Joe said it has some shot in it and that the bill is probably a replacement. He likes it because it is a well-used decoy and for an early decoy, it has a nice shape to it. 
            Thank you to Joe for bringing in some of your favorites and sharing why you like them so much. 

            Bob Nyman is scheduled for the June meeting. And Peter Cilento is scheduled for the September meeting.

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