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MARCH 2019

My Favorite Three Decoys..


George Rigby was the favorite three speaker for the March meeting. The first and second decoys that George showed were carved by his father George Rigby Senior. They were a pair of broadbills made of live cork with cedar heads. George acquired them in 1980 from his father. His father gave them to George when he quit duck hunting because the feds came out with steel shot. They have special meaning to George because he was with his dad in the basement of their home when he carved them. 

            The third decoy George showed was a basswood pied billed grebe carved by Islip Terrace carver Bill Joeckel. George received it in 1976 from Bill because Bill appreciated all the help George gave him. George likes this one because Bill taught him how to carve decorative decoys.

            George then showed a redwood green wing teal that he carved in 1975.  It’s a favorite of his because Bill Joeckel showed him how to carve and paint it. George said that Bill smoked a lot of cigarettes and would have one burning at the bandsaw and another at the table. George told a story that he wanted to give Bill a Christmas present as a little thank you for “taking him under his wing”, so George bought him a lighter. And then when George presented the lighter to Bill, Bill told George that he had quit smoking.

            Thank you to George for sharing your favorite decoys with us and the heartfelt reasons why they are your favorites. 

            Joe Dalyis scheduled for the May meeting with Barbara Colden scheduled for the June meeting.


(Reminder, if you are scheduled to talk about your favorite three decoys but will not be able to attend the meeting, please contact George Munkert or Kate Sohm so they can get a replacement for the meeting.)

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