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May 2023

My Favorite Three Decoys..


Dick Richardson actually has 4 Decoys as his favorites, which is amazing considering his vast collection!

Dick's first favorite is a John Boyle Brant. John Boyle was the 1st Secretary of Pattersquash Gun Club. This Decoy has the brands of Sperry (he developed the Gyroscope and owned the Sperry Company), W. Worth, Brown Bros., and HP Richardson, Dick's father.

Second favorite is a Gene Connett Blackduck. This decoy was pictured in his book and was Best in Show in 1937. Third favorite is a Decoy that was originally on a plaque and came from his brother. Dick had a funny story about his brother and the origins of the bird that made us all laugh. Fourth favorite is a Wilbur R. Corwin Blackduck, that was gifted to him by one of our Club Members Jimmy Cullen. It is branded on the bottom RV Hammill, who was Wilbur R's brother-in-law. As always, Dick's talks are interesting and informative, along with some laughter.

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