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April 2018

My Favorite Four Decoys April 2018


Craig Kessler was the favorite three speaker for the April meeting, but he brought in four decoys to show and talk about. Craig says that he collects decoys because of personal value to him, not the financial value.

                  The first decoy that Craig showed was a hollow pine sleeping drake broadbill carved by Chet Reneson from Old Lyme, CT. He got the decoy directly from the carver in 1987. Craig said that broadbills are his favorite and he loves the lines on this sleeper.

                  The second and third decoys Craig showed and talked about were a pair of solid pine broadbills. They were carved by the Wildfowler Company of Quogue Long Island.  He acquired the pair in 2008 from Jake Talmage, the son of the owner Jack Talmage. Jack was a tremendous supporter of Ducks Unlimited. Jack is in a nursing home in Long Beach and Craig continues to visit him regularly.

                  The fourth decoy that Craig showed was a hollow pine drake mallard from the Old Saybrook, CT Wildfowler Company.  Craig said this decoy was one of a group of four that had been stolen back in the 1960’s from the Southside Sportsman Club in Oakdale. Craig said he worked from 1964-1969. The decoy was given to Craig at our 2018 March decoy show. He said it was a nice honor to receive it.

                  Thank you to Craig for bringing in four of your favorite decoys and for sharing their sentimental stories and personal reasons of why you collect decoys.  

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