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June 2023

My Favorite Three Decoys..


Although Ted is known for his collection of Wildfowler and Madison Mitchell decoys, his favorite 3 surprisingly only had one of those. Ted's favorite decoy is a Quogue Wildfowler Ruddy Duck Drake (decorative). Designed by Norman Smith of the Shinnecock Reservation, and who's wife Natalie - was the granddaughter of Eugene "Chief" Cuffee. Allegedly Smith was the best painter at the Quogue Wildfowler location. The Decoy has a paper decorative sticker from Quogue.

Ted's second favorite decoy is a Harry V. Shourds 1861-1920 Broadbill Hen. This decoy has all original worn paint and it is a more rare Hen Broadbill. HV Shourds supposedly made over 40,000 decoys. Ted likes this decoy because it's untouched and all original.

The 3rd favorite decoy of Ted's is a Captain Charles Parker of Beachaven, NY - Old Squaw Drake. He likes this Old Squaw Drake (longtail) because of the form of this particular decoy.

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