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May 2018

My Favorite Four Decoys May 2018


                  Patricia Bruinsma was the favorite three speaker for the May meeting, but she actually brought in four decoys to show and talk about.

                  The first decoy Patricia showed is her favorite. It was a root head Merganser, carved from wood but the carver is unknown to her. She got it in 1988 from a member of the Smithtown Gun Club when she was buying some plastic decoys for her son. She said that when she saw it, she fell in love with it and she “had to have it”. It was the very first decoy she purchased for her own collection. And she has been enjoying it ever since.

                  The second decoy that Patricia showed was a wooden miniature Swan carved by George W. Combs Jr. Patricia acquired her mini swan this year when buying part of a friend’s gun collection. She said that she always admired it and her friend promised that if they were ever going to sell it, he would sell it to her. (Now that is a good friend.)

                  The third decoy she showed was a wooden Snipe carved by Bob Biddle of Pennsylvania. She got it in 2014 at our decoy show. She said she saw it, she liked it, she bought it.

                  Her forth decoy she showed was a Dodge factory Canvasback that she purchased at our decoy show.

                  Thank you to Patricia for bringing in four of your favorite decoys and sharing your passion for four of your favorite decoys.

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