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The 2022 Term Year: 

July 15-16  

52nd Annual Clayton Decoy and Sporting Collectibles Show to be held at Cerow Arena in Clayton, NY. Contact: Thousand Islands Museum at (315) 686-5794 or visit www.timuseum.org 

July 16-17   50th Annual Wildlife Art Festival to be held at the Double Tree Hotel In Sacramento, CA. Contact Fritz Zanker at (530) 894-5951 or visit www.pacificflyway.org


April 7-9

East Coast Decoy Collectors Buy, Sell and Swap Meet to be held at the St. Michaels Inn in St. Michaels, Maryland. Contact: Kevin Peel at (410) 937-2218 or kevin.peel1@gmail.com.


April 23

4th annual Ocracoke Island Waterfowl Festival to be held at the Berkley Barn in Ocracoke, North Carolina. Contact: John Simpson at (509) 930-4988 or decoysjohn@gmail.com.


April 26-30

55th annual North American Decoy & Sporting Collectibles Show to be held at the Westin Lombard in Lombard, Illinois. Contact: Jeff Seregny at (586) 530-6586.

Visiting The Ward Museum


The LIDCA maintains a permanent display cabinet at the Ward Foundation Museum in Salisbury, MD as a means of providing ongoing visibility for our organization.  This is a great opportunity for our Long Island stories as this is a location that receives a high volume of traffic throughout the year as well as the Foundation hosting several special events in any given year.

We have hosted revolving exhibits for several years now and will continue to do so with any number of our members spearheading this effort in the past.  On October 23, 2018, member Craig Kessler traveled to Salisbury to deliver a scaled down version of our exhibit from the March 2017 LIDCA annual show, “ON THE FALLING TIDE-THE STORY OF TRADITIONAL BLACK DUCK GUNNING ON LI’s SOUTH SHORE”.


The abbreviated display consists of 14 black duck decoys spanning the south shore from Seaford in the west to Moriches in the east.  Examples include works from Gruby Verity, Jimmy Ketcham, Lem Tucker, Wilbur A. Corwin, George Robert, Reginald Smith, and others.  Also included are two pieces of flat art, “Black Ducks the Old Way” by Peter Corwin which depicts south bay grass boats owned by original LIDCA members Bud Ward and Ronnie Bauer, and the first stamp print artwork of the Long Island Wildfowl and Wetlands League from 1977.  The display is rounded out with several display boards prepared by Steve Sanford that were also part of our 2017 show.


2021 August Picnic Photos

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