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March 2018

My Favorite Three Decoys March 2018


                  Howard Nepo was the favorite three speaker for the March meeting.   He brought in three of his favorite decoys to show and talk about.

He said that his favorite decoys change weekly.

                  The first decoy Howard showed was a merganser that he purchased at a Guyette and Deeter auction two years ago.  The decoy has been attributed to Andrew Verity of Seaford New York, possibly carved circa 1900.


Howard likes it because of the shape, color and its patina. He also likes the vestiges of white paint on the winglets.  He added “I just like it.”

                  The second decoy Howard showed was a hollow pine old squaw carved by Cassius Smith of Milford, Connecticut.  He acquired it at the same auction where he bought the Andrew Verity merganser.

Howard likes this decoy because it has a nice abstract geometric paint pattern.  He said it is lightweight, has a plumb body, an interesting tail and a “quirky” head.

                  The third decoy Howard showed he got about 30 years ago at an antique shop. It was a small Canada goose with a pine head and painted canvas body over wired hoops. Howard likes it because it has great shape, nice paint and pretty silhouette. Howard said that the carver is unknown, but added that perhaps it was a salesman sample.

                  Thank you to Howard for bringing in three of his latest favorites and sharing why they are your favorites this week. 

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