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February 2018

My Favorite Three Decoys February 2018


  Bill Schlegel was the favorite three speaker for the February meeting.  

He brought in several items to show and talk about.


All the items he brought in were made by his grandfather Charlie Powell. Powell.  He either carved or made them in 1922. There was a scoter, a black duck, a pair of mergansers and a display board his grandfather used to advertise his carving services. He also made the small decoys that were placed on it. Bill said his grandfather was a bayman, a carpenter and a decoy carver. 

                  Bill said the black duck was used for gunning on Meadow Island

where Bud Ward had a house and that Bills father would visit.


He said the scooters were used for gunning over at West Meadow beach. 

                  Bill added that his father and grandfather used to hunt in the 1950’s where Stony Brook University now resides.

                  These items are all part of Bills family collection and will always remain so.

                  Thank you to Bill for bringing in a part of your family’s rich carving and hunting history and sharing them with members.

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