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September 2018

My Three Favorite Decoys..

The favorite three guest speaker for September was Ed Wortmann, who brought in three decoys to show and talk about.

            The first decoy he showed was a Black Duck carved by Steve Hopkins from East Granby Connecticut. The decoy is made of basswood. Ed got the decoy in 2015. It was a gift from his friend Al Griswold. It’s a favorite because it was a gift from a very dear friend and that it is a classically beautiful swimmer. 

            The second decoy Ed showed was a Canadian Goose that was carved by Lan Craft of Inwood Long Island. The decoy is made from cork with a bottom board. Ed got the bird in 1994, it was a gift from Harry Ike. Ed said the man was extraordinary and a great wildfowl hunter. Ed said that he hunted with Harry over this bird which adds to why he admires it so much. Ed added that this decoy is a heavy one.  It weighs 7 pounds. 

            The third bird that Ed showed was carved by Gary Starr of Middlebury Vermont. It is a basswood Drake Merganser that Ed got in 1998. He purchased it at an estate sale and it’s a favorite of his because and he likes it and it’s strikingly beautiful. Ed added that the carver Gary is the son of George Ross Starr, who wrote the book Decoys of the Atlantic Flyway.

            Thank you to Ed for bringing in your beautiful decoys that we can admire along with you. 

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