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June 2019

My Favorite Three Decoys..


Bob Nyman was the favorite speaker for the June meeting. Bob brought in several of his favorite black ducks to show and talk about. 

            The first decoy Bob showed was a cork black duck carved by Ralph Cranford of Babylon.  He said acquired this decoy in 2012. He said he likes it because it’s got nice patina and he really loves black ducks.

            The second decoy Bob showed was also a black duck. This decoy is made of cork and was carved by Gene Wells of Stony Brook.  Bob said he got this bird at the Long Island Decoy Show in 2009. He said he likes the wing shape and the head detail of this particular decoy. 

            Bob’s third decoy was another cork black duck. This one was carved by Norm Clark of West Fire Island. He got this decoy at the Lidca Show in 2008. This is a favorite of his because he likes the history of where this particular decoy came from. Bob added that Dick LaFountain said this decoy probably dates back to the 1940’s.

            Rounding out his favorite five decoys, Bob showed two more black ducks. One had a chain on it and Bob said this decoy is possibly from Bellport. The other decoy was a narrow black duck that he said he liked its shape. Bob said that the carvers of these two decoys are unknown.

            We thank Bob for bringing in five of his favorite black ducks and sharing the talents of some Long Island carvers. He knows that three decoys definitely came from Long Island. Another one with a strong possibly, but where the fifth and final favorite is from will remain a mystery that perhaps one day Bob can solve.  

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